Upcoming Concerts




George Crumb: Dream Sequence ( Images II)



Igor Stravinsky: The Rite Of Spring, adaptation for wind quintet and percussion.

February 26th, 27th, March 1st, 3rd, 5th, 8th

L.V. Beethoven: 7th Symphony for wind decet and timpani, Esbjerg Ensemble and Ensemble Midtvest

27th, 29th, 30th

Günther Schuller: Phantasmata for violin and marimba


23rd, 26th, 30th

Per Nørgård: Three Scenes for percussion and ensemble, 1st movement



Composer´s workshop concert


Klang Festival, Copenhagen


4th, 5th

Concerts at Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen

Past Concerts


“They thought it was India”

Rodolfo Acosta: Canto per Klaus, for solo percussion

Latin-american guitar music on marimba by Gentil Montaña, Antonio Lauro and Heitor Villa-Lobos.

Lysistrate, an opera by Steingrimur Rohloff

Toru Takemitsu: Towards the sea, for flute and marimba

Karl Amadeus Hartmann: Kleines Konzert, for string quartet and percussion


Tønder Gymnasium

Music by Nørgård, Akiho, Alvarez, Martínez, Wallin

Arne Nordheim: Partita for viola, percussion and cembalo

Alfred Schnittke: Hymn III for cello, bassoon, timpani and cembalo

INMERSION Festival at Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik – Iceland

Wayne Siegel: Watercolor, Acrylic, Watercolor for ensemble

Andy Akiho: Stop Speaking, for snare drum and digital playback

Peter Bruun: Libera Me, for bassoon and percussion. Premiere

Wayne Siegel: Watercolors

Gilles Tremblay: Le Signe du Lion, for french horn and tam tam

Holmboe Festival

Jean Alexander Goehr: ” Since brass nor stone…” for percussion and string quartet

China tour

Per Nørgård: Fire over Water

Bohuslav Martinú: Quartet for clarinet, cello, horn and snare drum

Peter Bruun: Libera Me, for bassoon and percussion


Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg: trio for flute, viola, percussion  and interactive electronics, at Esbjerg Art Museum

Tivoli Festival, Copenhagen

Peter Bruun: Libera Me, for bassoon and percussion


Klangspuren Schwaz Festival, Austria

Anna Thorvaldsdottir: Ró

Bent Sørensen: Papillons: Pantomime

Tiroler Festival für Neue Musik


Juliana Hodkinson: Coastline Piece

Anna Thorvalsdottir: Ró

Scandinavian premiere i Esbjerg

György Kúrtag: pas á pas – nulle part…

For barytone, percussion and string trio. Soloist: Omar Ebrahim

At the same concert, I conducted Arnold Schoenberg´s Ode to Napoleon, for baryton, string quartet and piano. Soloist: Omar Ebrahim

Percussion Plus 2014 in Helsinki

Helsinki Music Centre

Richard Campanelli: Of Nights Both Blue and Haunted, for violin and marimba

Sini Simonen, violin

Christian Martinez, marimba

Arne Mellnäs: Rendez-vous 2

Festspillene I Bergen:

Per Nørgård: Singing Saw

Bent Sørensen: Papillons: Pantomime ( World Premiere)

Tivoli Concert Hall

Bent Sørensen: Papillons: Pantomime

Brückenmürz, Austria

Bent Sørensen: Papillons: Pantomime

Rolf Wallin: Solve Et Coagula


Bright Sheng: Hot Pepper for violin and marimba

Sakari Tepponen, violin

Christian Martinez, marimba

Dana Wilson: Whispers from Another Time, for musical saw and piano

Juhani Lagerspetz, piano

Christian Martinez, musical saw